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How Can I Access Github Wiki Pages Under The Github-Pages

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i have this Github-Pages (GH-Pages) based website, here:
I will call the above website as project TASL "GH-Pages" or "GHP".
Current config is such, that, the "main" branch of TASL project github site is shown as "GHP".

I have Github Wiki pages for same/above TASL project, here:
I will call it here "GHW" = Github Wiki Pages.

TASL project site, aka, main project's github site, is here:
I will call it here "GHPDS" = Github Project Development Site.

is it possible to access TASL project's wiki pages (GHW), UNDER the github-pages (GHP) site ?
how can i bring all wiki pages (GHW) accessible like this under GHP:

Does github has a builtin process that can be tapped to achieve this ?

Can a script be used in TASL project developer-member's computer to replicate the GHW pages under a ("ghw" or "wiki") sub-directory in the main project's github site (GHPDS), in order to bring it under the GHP (when any GHW page is edited/updated) ?
(such/this script need to: monitor GHW pages/site , trigger when any file/page is edited/updated under the GHW site , download & copy it , fix/adjust URLs , add specific header & footer message , paste into "ghw"/"wiki" sub-directory of main project TASL site , upload into GHPDS (main project TASL site), etc, etc).
and i want to show a specific message/notice in header+footer area, like below:
"For editing/updating this page, goto project's Wiki pages here."

Above are copying GHW (github wiki pages) content from: GHW site --> GHPDS "ghw" sub-folder.

It would also be okay, if a solution/answer can do this way:
  GHW site <-- GHPDS("gh-wiki") --> GHPDS("ghw").
for-example, a sub-directory "gh-wiki" will hold the actual source code pages for GHW github wiki pages, and will also hold the source code pages for the second-sub-folder "ghw" .
All users/contributors will have to edit here first:
then a script in developer's computer will have to make two copies of all pages under the "gh-wiki" sub-folder :
one copy of page will go into (GHW) github wiki pages (after URLs are adjusted by the script) here:,
and another copy of page will goto "ghw" sub-folder (after URLs are adjusted by the script) here: .
and to keep the sub-folder contents out of GHP access, we will add this "exclude: gh-wiki/" as a new-config line inside the "_config.yml" file, this cfg is used by GHP site's Jekyll engine to apply specific configuration(s), to produce/show specific changes.
So my objective is also possible in above way, that is, same wiki pages (GHW) are available/accessible under the github-pages (GHP) site from here:
and also accessible via (GHW) github wiki pages here:
in above GHW site we just have to show a message to all users/devs, that, wiki is purposefully kept as read-only, and for edit user/dev need to goto specific GHDPS sub-folder pages, here:

It is very easy to see, and, also very annoying & amazing, that, what devs inside github are actually doing ! they are going backward and more backward, with removing+blocking more & more new+old STANDARDIZED web elements) : they blocked/banned various advanced & essential & new HTML command-tags, (most) PROPERTIES, CSS stylesheet PROPERTIES, with the DECEPTION words+excuse: security ! markdown !! etc !! they have blocked/banned usage of essential STANDARD web/HTML elements in GHPDS, for example: font/text color ! CSS color !! simple scripts ! etc !! etc !! they could have shown an (checkbox) option where+when user enables GHP site, to show GHW wiki site under GHP site, but they kept it unavailable ! etc ! etc ! templates allow to reduce repetition(s), but no template is allowed in github project pages (GHDPS) or in github wiki pages (GHW), etc ! more & more backward & blockage ! applying more restrictions+removal+blockage after blockage ! Where-as, they suppose to support advanced & new things, and show their creativity to still being able to keep it secure & balanced, but i can see clearly, they are not-capable to do so, at all (and they are also purposefully blocking STANDARDIZED elements after elements), but they MUST say truth, shouldn't LIE or use DECEPTIVE excuse words. What can you expect from "programmers" who lack core level understanding to apply real secure restrictions, without completely blocking new+old STANDARDIZED elements. Github/they will take multiple years to add one tiny feature, and they block/remove 5 or more features in every quarter or 6-months ! Github using software to remove/disable specific properties from inside multiple commands, for sure it can be programmed to remove/disable specific properties also from inside CSS <style>...</style> tag-commands, etc, but they are not doing it !! A development site (here: GHPDS) need to be in sync with what is shown/output in production site (here: GHP), both need to support similar features, but currently it is not-that in github. This problem (mentioned in this question) would not have occurred, if github were open to do what i have noted in this paragraph/section.

Best answer

(i'm adding an answer for my own question)

One way of bringing the GHW (github wiki site/pages) under the GHP ("github-pages"), is to create a "ghw" or "wiki" sub-directory / sub-folder, under the main project TASL, here:
then add a new "" file there.
then manually copy content of GHW "Home" page, & paste into the "" file, Save changes.
then GHW site content can+will appear under GHP site, in below url location:

i have done this, in other project, so i know, this works.
but it is a manual process, not an automated solution.

if there are many GHW pages, & different users are editing/updating different ones at different time, then it would not be comfortable to continuously keep on copy-paste new/updated content/changes from GHW site into "ghw" sub-directory of project site.

so i want to avoid doing this after every edit done in the GHW site.

so please add better+other answer/solution.