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How to create shields-like badges with bootstrap?

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You probably know shield badges (from

They are dynamically created svg images of two types:

1. Value Badges

<img src="">

2. Key-Value Badges

<img src="">

They are great, however, there are two problems with them:

  • They are an extra dependency (no badges if is down)
  • For every badge we have an additional http request (long loading time)

Let's say I am already using bootstrap in my project (self-hosted to minimize dependencies). How can I create those two types of badges dynamically with bootstrap?

(I also use PHP, so a badge($name, $value, $color) function would be amazing)

Best answer

The very basic OOP approach would look like:


class Badge

    // colors
    const COLOR_RED = '#f00';
    const COLOR_YELLOW = '#ff0';
    const COLOR_BLUE = '#55f';

    // badges
    const BADGE_PRIMARY = 'bg-primary';
    const BADGE_SECONDARY = 'bg-secondary';
    const BADGE_SUCCESS = 'bg-success';
    // etc

    // icons
    const ICON_FOO = 'icon-foo';
    const ICON_BAR = 'icon-bar';
    const ICON_BAZ = 'icon-baz';

    private $valueColour = Badge::COLOR_BLUE;
    private $badge = Badge::BADGE_SECONDARY;

    private $key = null;
    private $value = [];

    public function reset()
        $this->valueColour = Badge::COLOR_BLUE;
        $this->badge = Badge::BADGE_SECONDARY;
        $this->key = null;
        $this->value = null;

        return $this;

    public function setKey(string $key)
        $this->key = $key;
        return $this;

    public function addValue(string $value, $optionalIcon = null)
        $icon = (!is_null($optionalIcon)) ? "<span class='some-icon-library {$optionalIcon}'></span> " : '';
        $this->value[] = $icon . $value;
        return $this;

    public function setValueColour($colour)
        $this->valueColour = $colour;
        return $this;

    public function build()
        if (is_null($this->value)) {
            echo 'Error: no value';
            return false;
        } else {
            if (!is_array($this->value)) {
                echo 'A value should be an array';
                return false;
        $value = implode(' | ', $this->value);
        if (is_null($this->key) || trim($this->key) == '') {
            echo "<span class='badge text-white p-0'><span class='py-1 px-2 rounded' style='background: {$this->valueColour};'> {$value}</span></span>";
        } else {
            echo "<span class='badge text-white p-0'>
                        <span class='{$this->badge} py-1 px-2 rounded-left'>{$this->key}</span>
                        <span class='py-1 px-2 rounded-right' style='background:{$this->valueColour};'>{$value}</span>
        return true;

So you can use it in your code by:

$badge = new Badge();

// default
    ->setKey('Basic Key')
    ->addValue('Basic value')

// incorrect

// w/out key
    ->addValue('Without key')

// some sample
    ->setKey('Some Key')
    ->addValue('Some value')

// value(s) with some icons
    ->setKey('Another key')
    ->addValue('Yet another value', Badge::ICON_FOO)
    ->addValue('Even more', Badge::ICON_BAR)
    ->addValue('Last but not least')

Note 0: Of course it's rather POC than an exact solution, so you need to polish it by yourself ;)

Note 1: As newest Bootstrap doesn't use any icon set by default, icons are dummy so you need to fix it to use with your chosen icon set or just by custom CSS styling.

Note 2: We do not use any setter for value as we want to make usage of array, therefore use addValue() to get pipe-separated values.

Another answer

Bootstrap Badges HTML

1. Bootstrap Value Badges

<span class="badge text-white p-0"><span class="py-1 px-2 rounded" style="background:#5555ff;">value</span></span>

2. Bootstrap Key-Value Badges

<span class="badge text-white p-0 m-1"><span class="bg-secondary py-1 px-2 rounded-left">key</span><span class="py-1 px-2 rounded-right" style="background:#007bff;">value</span></span>

In both cases, just replace #5555ff with the color of your badge, value and key with your data.

This is how they look:


Dynamic Bootstrap Badges with PHP

This function simply returns the HTML of above and inserts the color, key and value accordingly.

function badge($key, $value, $color="5555ff") {
  if ($key == "")
    return '<span class="badge text-white p-0"><span class="py-1 px-2 rounded" style="background:#' . $color . ';">' . $value . '</span></span>';

  return '<span class="badge text-white p-0"><span class="bg-secondary py-1 px-2 rounded-left">' . $key . '</span><span class="py-1 px-2 rounded-right" style="background:#' . $color . ';">' . $value . '</span></span>';

You can then call the badge() function in the following ways:

// value-badge with the default color (here: #5555ff)
echo badge("", "value");

// value-badge with a custom color (here: yellow)
echo badge("", "value", "ffff00");

// key-value-badge with the default color
echo badge("key", "value");

// key-value-badge with a custom color (here: green)
echo badge("key", "value", "00ff00");