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ATOM does not show updates in folder/files nor GIT repo updates [closed]

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I have some problems with ATOM lacking of reload/refresh for adding/updating folders/files.

Environment: OS: Ubuntu 18.04 ATOM: 1.52.0

Problem area:

  1. Deleting/Changing folders and files does not automatically reflect, without having to double-click on a parent folder.
  2. When checking out a branch ATOM does not show the checkout branch, unless you double-click on a parent folder.

To clarify, the changes are such are there, but one have to double-click each time, to see the change. This makes it very difficult to work effectively especially to introduce GIT branch handling.

I do recall that the reload did work previously.

What works

Updates in ATOM are visible when adding a folder/file.

Best answer

This issue can be solved by increasing the handles of file watcher. Problem occures because the workspace is large and contains many files. Add or update below line in following file: /etc/sysctl.conf.